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KN95 Fully Automated Mask Machine

The KN95 Fully Automated Mask machine has the advanced design for optimized efficiency with minimal scrap rate. Modulization has made the installation & maintenance simple.

  • Ultrasonic welding technology, cost effective, high performance

  • CSA Certified

  • Precision control is implemented by Servo motor and Stepper motor with advanced mechanical features

  • Fully automated production line with optimized efficiency. Require minimum manual operation (Only raw material feeding and finished good handling)

  • Modular & Ergonomic design for easy setup and regular maintenance

  • Compatible to produce Six layer type mask with or without breathing valve

  • ​Semi-Auto version also available upon request

Mask Machine

Mask Machine

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  • Dimensions: 9817mm(L ) 1508mm (W ) 2200mm (H)

  • Gross Weight: <6000Kg

  • Voltage/Frequency: 220VAC 50HZ ,Power 15KW

  • Compresses Air: 0.5 0.7MPa Air Flow 300L /min

  • Operating environment Temperature:10 35 Humidity:5 35 %HR Flammable/Corrosive air isstrictly prohibited

  • ISO Class 5 (Air Cleanliness Class 3 / Cleanliness Level<=100000)

  • ​Yield: >98%

  • Cycle time 50 pcs/ min

Multiple cloth coils combined by the roller ·

Cloth folding
Nose strap feeding

Transfer to hemming after cutting the cloth to preset dimensions
Forming welding

Earloop welding

Complete mask folding

Ultrasonic Sealing
Roll trimming & cutting

Drop to the finished mask container

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